Collection: Accessories

For tea enthusiasts eager to enhance their tea-drinking ritual, TEA-TOTAL presents an extensive array of premium tea infusion accessories. 

The proper tools are crucial for brewing an impeccable cup of tea. 

Our standout accessory, the Assam BOP and Assam FTGFOP 1 Gentleman Tea infuser, is constructed from superior materials, enabling effortless steeping of loose leaves. Its fine mesh design prevents leaves from entering your cup while allowing full flavor infusion, ensuring a robust, malty beverage every time.

Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction is paramount, as we equip you with the necessary implements to forge personal tea rituals and savor the art of tea infusion.

Discover our premium tea infusion accessories and transform your tea-drinking into an extraordinary affair. With TEA-TOTAL, we want you to SIP - SAVOUR  & SHARE.