SIP - SAVOUR - SHARE - Join the Great Tea Revival. Put the kettle on, warm the TEA pot, steep the LEAVES, let the CONVERSATION flow, take some TIME to relax & unwind.

Who We Are

Tea-Total is an Irish family run business started out of a desire to bring loose leaf Tea back into focus. We are a nation of great tea drinkers and our mission is to
ensure quality loose leaf tea blends are available to buy locally and online.

Slow down, take some time to enjoy whichever TEA you chose.

Best Sellers

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  • Great Tea

    The quality of the tea is excellent. It is a luxury tea to savour.

    Sean, Dublin

    All Tea 
  • Excellent Tea for Relaxation

    I bought the source of joy tea and the aroma and taste are exceptional.


    Source of Joy 
  • Great for afternoon tea

    I love sitting down with a tea in the afternoon and there are so many excellent options to chose from, one of my favourites is the Vanilla Cherry tea.

    Emma, Dublin

    Vanilla Cherry 
  • The Tassimo Reusable T-Disc is super

    I enjoy a cup of tea most evenings and being able to use Tea-Total's luxury tea with the Tassimo reusable T-Disc is a real winner.


    Tassimo T-Disc 
  • So far all the Tea's I've tried are really tasty

    I really liked the Earl Grey, Orange Chai and Assam BOP. Really refreshing


    Assam BOP 
  • Excellent Irish Breakfast Tea

    I really enjoyed my Irish Breakfast Tea here in Melbourne. It gave me a real sense of home.

    Dave, Melbourne, Australia

    Irish Breakfast – TEA-TOTAL Premium Loose Tea