Collection: Herbal & Herbal Blend TEA

Throughout ancient history, various cultures, spanning from China to Egypt, Peru to Mesopotamia, have long attributed beneficial properties to plants. In Europe, the more widespread use of these plants can be traced back to the eras of the Greeks and the Romans.

In the contemporary world, herbal infusions have gained acclaim for their delightful flavors and the sense of well-being they impart. Our experts are well-equipped to guide you on the most sought-after herbal teas within different geographical regions, as well as the latest consumer preferences, be it morning or evening infusions, loose leaf chamomile tea, linden tea, or rosemary tea.

Notably, herbal teas can also be enjoyed when served over ice. Whether left to cool in the refrigerator overnight or served with ice cubes, they retain all their flavors and beneficial properties. By freezing them in an ice cube tray or mold, they make for a perfect refreshment on scorching summer days.

Chamomile takes the center stage in the world of herbal infusions. It stands as one of the most frequently used plants for brewing infusions. The prevalent species in Europe is Matricaria Chamomilla, often referred to as "real chamomile." This aromatic perennial plant boasts fragrant white flowers with a yellow center, closely resembling daisies.

Distinguish yourself from your competitors with access to the most extensive selection of wholesale infusions. Our catalog offers a comprehensive range of over 150 herbal infusions. Our team of tea, herbal, and aroma experts has meticulously curated a diverse array of flavors for you to choose from, including citrus, papaya, wild berry, rosemary, lemon, thyme, blood orange, mango, guava, pineapple, elderflower, and many more.