About Us

Welcome to TEA-TOTAL Premium Loose Tea. As a family-owned business, our mission is to rejuvenate the charm of loose leaf tea and redefine its role in today's world. We're passionate about restoring the relevance of loose leaf tea and delighting your senses with our exceptional blends.

Our premium loose tea collection is selected with the greatest care and precision. From the full-bodied, malty Assam BOP to the fragrant and subtle MATE Tea, every blend reflects our dedication to quality. We procure our teas from the finest estates participating in the Ethical Tea Partnership, ensuring that only the most superior leaves make it to your cup.

We recognize that the freshness of tea is crucial for the perfect experience. That's why we pride ourselves on our specialized packaging, designed to maintain the integrity of our tea's taste and scent. With each order, rest assured that you're receiving the freshest, most lively tea leaves, poised for brewing and enjoyment.

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For inquiries, please contact us at: info@tea-total.com

All TEA is sourced within the Ethical TEA Partnership