Collection: Fruit Blend TEA

Fruit Blend TEAS offer an exquisite fusion of taste, aroma, and visual allure—a genuine sensory adventure and a delightful flavor experience.

Many fruit teas boast evocative names that are easily memorable, such as "Elixir of Life," "Clouds of Almond," and "Hot Pineapple."

The star of infusions hasn't always appeared as it does now. Were you aware that strawberries were originally white? Originating from Latin America, these strawberries were introduced to Europe. Over time, unintentional cross-pollination with North American flowers transformed the once-white strawberries into the red variety we know worldwide.

Do you know which red flower has been most frequently infused? During the reign of the Egyptian pharaohs, infusions crafted from dried hibiscus flowers were consumed. However, it wasn't until the 16th century, with the expansion of trade along the Silk Road, that these flowers were blended with various tea varieties. Our organic hibiscus flowers produce a refreshing beverage perfect for quenching thirst. It exhibits a ruby hue, carries an acidic flavor, and exudes an aroma reminiscent of red berries.

Fruit infusions cater to both children and adults, providing a caffeine-free option that's not only delicious but also a healthier alternative to sugary drinks. These infusions feature generous pieces of whole fruit and natural flavors. They harmoniously blend a spectrum of aromas and colors, making them an ideal treat for the young connoisseurs in your household. With original flavors like papaya mixed with banana and pineapple, nutmeg combined with apple, and hibiscus paired with lemongrass and blueberries, these infusions tantalize the senses and are sure to please the entire family.