Collection: Black TEA

A popular beverage that has a rich history and production process. It is believed to have originated in the 16th century in England due to an accidental oxidation of green tea. However, some argue that it existed earlier in the form of the Chinese classic Lapsang Souchong. All types of tea, including white, green, and black, come from the same plant - the tea tree Camellia Sinensis. The difference lies in the production process, with black tea undergoing more steps and requiring full oxidation.

The process begins with withering the leaves to reduce their water content. Once pliable, they are rolled, placed in oxidation rooms, and then dried with heat.

The name “Earl Grey” traces back to Earl and British Prime Minister Charles Grey. A legend suggests that he received the bergamot-infused recipe as a gift from a grateful Chinese tea merchant whose son he had saved from drowning. However, given that black teas were produced in India and Sri Lanka at that time, this story is likely apocryphal. Other theories propose that the recipe was created by one of Earl Grey’s employees or by Earl Grey himself.