Collection: Green Tea

“Original TEA” is a term used to describe this tea in traditional Chinese medicine, where it is believed to have healing properties for both physical and mental illnesses. This tea is known for its subtle, slightly bitter, fresh and vegetable flavour, and comes in many varieties such as Matcha, Sencha, Genmaicha, Bancha, White Monkey, Gunpowder, etc. Our loose leaf green tea is made from the best plantations and embodies thousands of years of tea-making tradition. We want to share our passion and values with you so that you can discover the wonders of nature through our full green tea range.

Green TEA has been associated with many health benefits such as supporting cognition, maintenance of moderate weight, and offering some protection against cancer. It is also rich in plant-based antioxidant compounds called catechins that help prevent cell damage and provide other health benefits. Green tea has functional ingredients that may combine to improve brain function and cognitive health. It may also increase metabolic rate and increase fat burning in the short term. While the evidence is mixed and inconsistent, research has linked drinking green tea with a reduced chance of developing some types of cancer.