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Oolong TEA, often referred to as blue tea, gets its name from the bluish tint of its leaves during processing rather than the color of the infusion, as some might assume. Unlike other teas, Oolong leaves are plucked when they are more mature, even up to the "fourth leaf" of the tea plant. To preserve their unique characteristics, Oolong TEA is vacuum-packed at its country of origin, locking in the distinctive blue hue.

Oolong TEA, a tea shrouded in mystery, owes its complexity to an intricate oxidation process. Legend has it that a farmer harvesting Camellia Sinensis tea once spotted a deer wandering into his garden. In an effort to avert potential disaster on his plantation, he chased after the animal, completely forgetting about the leaves he had just plucked.
The following morning, to his surprise, he discovered that the forgotten batch of tea had undergone a remarkable transformation in both color and fragrance. Intrigued, he decided to steep these leaves, and in doing so, he unwittingly gave birth to Oolong TEA.

To this day the diverse array of flavors it offers is primarily the result of the skill and expertise of tea artisans who meticulously manage the degree and method of oxidation until the tea reaches perfection. Thanks to this, our premium Oolong TEAs are held in high regard by the most discerning tea aficionados and are well-suited for those who enjoy tea with milk.

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